Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oldies, but Goodies too-Shoes

Some of the coolest and funkiest women's shoes on the market for fall are, strangely enough, some of the classics from my childhood.  I'm calling them funky comfort.  Can classics be funky, you ask?  YES.  Pair 'em with some skinny dark rolled up jeans, groovy socks, a tee and some rhinestones and POOF!  Straight cool.  Atleast in my world. . . check out my top list:

Just ordered the Minnetonkas from JCrew - they are all over the internet though, and in several different styles.  These are my fave!

Sueded New Balance, need I say more?  When I met Ben, he had on purple suede tennis shoes much like these - love them.

Bass Ellie - these would rock with all black.  

Um - not JUST for Martha Stewart anymore, these Habbytans from Bass, or Duckies, as we always called them are rocking my world.  How cute!  With jeans, yes!  But with black leggings, skinnies, or a plaid skirt, knee socks and a tee would just be perf in my book.  Autumn!  Muah!

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