Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Ideas in my Stuff

I'm so excited to be working towards our next showing at The Dallas Flea in December.  I've been working on some of the new Momofandango goods for the show and for next spring.  I spend TONS of time mining for ideas and inspiration on the web, in magzines, tv, movies, books, well, lots of places.  I think because I've always needed (and wanted!) to make the most of everything I have, it has made me more resourceful in using my own belongings - taking what I have and trying to make it new or conjuring an idea from looking around my house, in my closet, in old books I already own.  Typically I'm inspired by colors and shapes.  Not necessarily to be translated literally, but things that may take on a new form.  Do you do that?  I don't always read the exact words or care about the intent when searching for ideas, I see the shapes and colors and either it appeals to me or its just nothing.  Anyway. . .

Here is the latest idea board guiding me through several projects at the moment (think nursery design, blankets, baby and toddler garments, pillows, pins and headbands - oh my!).  Most of the inspiration is literally my own stuff (don't you just love [or hate] that word?) I have around my house - things I see everyday, but now in a new way.

  • a purse my Mom gave to me 10 years ago - its so chic! LOVE the velvet and fringe.
  • Doss's current obsession - matchbox cars (and cars in general)
  • my latest load of vintage fabrics
  • Dwell Magazine - of course!
  • Felt.  I swear.  Love this stuff.  and I am experimenting with making my own - more on that soon.
  • and the music corner in our house that includes that most amazing vintage Dylan poster, Ben's guitar, and my flute (guitar and flute - don't think they go?  well, have we got news for you!  jam sessions at our house are crrrrazy.)
Can't wait to share the new stuff (there it is again! My grandmother is rolling over in her grave), and in the meantime remember there can be new ideas and inspiration in so many everyday things if you just take a second look.  Do what you do.

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