Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving on the Road

Happy [non-traditional] Thanksgiving!  Been a bit out of pocket this week - went through Oklahoma to see Ben's family and are unexpectedly in Marfa, TX now for Thanksgiving.  We've spent alot of our time on the road this holiday week. . . it's tiring but free and fun too.  Doss and Guthrie (the pooch) are road warriors.  Not one meltdown! As you can imagine I'll have lots of fun updates and recaps. . . and wish us luck - this is the first time we have just taken off, away from our families (such a random string of events!), for a holiday. . . its got us little homesick, but we are excited to be in this groovy town, out here on the edge of nothing. . . vast.  beautiful.  strange.  All things that lead to good memories. . .and inspiration.  Much to be thankful for.  Best to you and yours.

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