Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Marfa, Sweet Marfa

Oh Marfa.  You sweet thing, you.  Stark.  Remote.  Welcoming.  Beautiful.  It makes so much sense to me now why genius artist and sculptor Donald Judd came here in 1971, as an escape from the the busy streets of Manhattan.  I'm from West Texas (though not nearly as far west as Marfa) and I long for wide open spaces.  It makes me feel clearer.  Like I'm thinking better, like I'm more myself.  Ben too.  He's from western OK, and was raised seeing long, warm, breathtaking sunsets.  So big skies, vast landscapes, and sunsets bring us back to ourselves.  That was just the prescription we needed as we arrived in Marfa for Thanksgiving 2010.  After a string of unexpected events including blizzards, extra time, invitations, and inspiration.

Go.  Go to Marfa.  It's a long way away - which to me, is a good thing.  It's keeping it real.  It's keeping it as it should be.  Away.  Warm (figuratively, as those desert winds are seriously cold!).  Welcoming and open. Undisturbed.  But lovingly sophisticated.   See more photos below and even more (Prada Marfa & Food Shark - a must see) after the break.  Go Marfa.

Downtown Marfa.  I need to live here.

I love the desert plantings.  Grasses and cactus.  As it should be.

The light in Marfa is spectacular.  Here are Ben and Doss wandering on a concrete resting area.  Beautiful and modern of course!!

Look at that sign.  The Thunderbird is a super groovy drive-in hotel restored to perfection.
The Chinati Foundation and The Judd Foundation are dedicated to preserving the works of Donald Judd  and displaying his contemporaries as well as supporting large scale artists.

Long lonesome highways around Marfa.
Why, what's that out on this long highway. . . ?

Prada Marfa, of course.   An amazing permanent sculpture.  It's commentary on consumerism, immigration, & our relationship with Mexico,  will do what they should.  Make you think.  Disturb you.  Make you stop in the middle of nowhere. 

Doss and me at Prada Marfa.

Ben and Doss at Prada Marfa.  Don't you love that shadow?
Food Shark.  Let's just say they've been written up in everything from Bon Appetit t the New York Times to USA Today. The Food. Is. A.Mazing.  And the experience is unlike anything else.  Anywhere.
The Food Shark Dining Cart.  A bus.  With booths.  I mean seriously.  Its dang cool.   Not a pretentious seat in the house.
People lining up for Food Shark.  Before the food runs out.
We met most of them.  Nice folks.
Lest we forget.  Hotel Paisano.  Made famous for being the hotel where Liz Taylor and James Dean stayed during the filming of Giant.  Guess Marfa was destined to be a groovy place.  Did I mention we ran into Luke Wilson?

Little did we know how much that hummus and veggie wrap would change our lives. . . .
Go Marfa.  

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