Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Gift

One week ago, I did not have Christmas cards and was working through the emotions of failing miserably at getting them done and out.  I was gonna let it go. . . even though we had had a wonderful summer photo session with my dear friend, and photographer extraordinaire Jenny, and even though she had said, "let me know if you want cards!", I just didn't know what I wanted or how to get through the concepting to the right idea for this year (and in time to get it out).  See, I L.O.V.E.D last years cards (I had very specific ideas) thanks to Jenny (photos and design) - for those of you on our list, it was the one with the graffiti tree and peace sign.  Super cute and apropos of the time and our feelings.  How was I gonna do something that meant as much as that one?  That expresses this year, and our hopes for next year. . . ???  Well, Jenny, being a master at both her craft (photography) and her business (Jenny Watts Photography), and also a person who knows her clients well, did it.  She just designed something, sent it to me, and said, "hey, you didn't ask for this, but if you like it, we can get them here in time".  DONE.  Genius.  She wasn't pushy, she just threw it out there, and bam, they were perfect.  I had my cards, and they were spot on.  Groovy font, beautiful message.  How'd she do that?  How'd she know?  Well, that's not for me to answer, I'm just happy she did.  And though some might be late, they are out there, and I love them and hope that they let others (including you guys!) know we are thinking about them during this holiday season (and loving our kid, and hopeful for the future).  Thanks Jenny.  You rock my face off. 

PS - more to come on Ms Watts and the JWP / Smmidge collaborations.


  1. Love it molly - so glad you were able to get some Christmas Love out to your peeps! Really any pic of that little guy would have made for a perfect card! So glad it worked out and can't wait to see what 2011 brings for JWP and SMMIDGE!! Love you!!!
    Jenny Watts

  2. OMG - I finally figured out how to leave a comment!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! :)


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