Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello New Year

Hello 2011!  I took quite a little break from Smmidge (10 whole days!) to be with family during the holidays.  We had a wonderful time, with lots of style and stories to share in the next few days.  But now, it is just a little bit of inspiration from the super-swells at Imogene + Willie, an amazing shop, and a true lifestyle brand out of Nashville that I'm uber obsessed with.  Not just the rugged Americana they capture so beautifully in their denim brand, and shop aesthetic (this stuff ain't no glossy, homogenized RL ad, it's gritty and seems so much more real), but also their nothing-short-of-fantastic online content (videos, images, writing, ALL of it).  They make you want, no NEED, to be a part of their style. . . their brand.  The cynic in me realizes it's genius marketing, but I feel so compelled to watch, look, listen, partake in it b/c I just know it hasn't been debated around conference tables in corp headquarters, or routed through focus groups.  They do/make what they believe.  It's my hope for Smmidge as I look toward bringing it even more to life in 2011. 

Imogene & Willie from John Moessner on Vimeo.

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