Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift Guide for Gals (um, who like things I like.)

Anthro's Tassel's Away Boots.  I must have them.
I was thinking about gift guides - we all wait for them with bated breath each year. . .right?  Waiting for the experts to tell us what we really need and want for Christmas this year.  I'm no fashion editor. . . but at the end of the day, all it is a list of things those highfalutin editors, well, like or want or need. That's it.  Just some (rather) arbitrary list they agree on in an office. . . though well informed, yes (they are at the center of the universe).  Or even (dare I say) influenced by advertisers paying the bills (I get it.  I get it.)? I thought - I have a list too. A Smmidge list. 

So, basically, if you are reading this blog or have read it in the past and even remotely related to it (to me, working mom, frustrated designer, wanna-be bohemian, yadda yadda), then you might like this list of fun "happy's", as I love each of these things. . . (and- ehem - not b/c they are advertising with me. I WISH!) I'm working on Doss and Ben's list too, so mens and kids Smmidge lists are on the way.
J Crew's Buffalo Check sleep shirt - but I want it as a tunic/dress.

I have an unveiled obsession with Emersonmade.  I know.  And this clutch is the latest element of my obsession.
This is from one of my fave ETSY shops, Kove.  Its called a Frilly Fringe.  Need I say more?

Gorgeous from (fellow Tech alum) Amanda Sterrett Jewelry

Mercury Glass Vases from West Elm.  I really love them.  Modern and classic.

I need a digital camera, but for that artsy fartsy friend who has everything - THIS Diana Mini from West Elm is perfection.  I want it too. :)

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