Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Christmassy at our House

This year, as it is every year, Christmas decorating is all about c-o-l-o-r.  Using, re-using, repurposing and making things merry, bright and festive - and a sort of nostalgia to it all, now that I look at it.  I don't mind that vintage, crafty feel.  Speaking of crafty - this wreath is a new creation and I'm loving it - felt circles (my fave!), a little greenery and brown satin bow.  I just love how playful it is, and how the brown satin brings some sophistication to its simplicity.  And what can I say - yall know everything in my life consists of these colors.  I'm still enjoying them. . . but you never know when I might make a zig to my own zag.  Perhaps there should be a new color palette next year?  We will see. . . 

Oh, and a quick happy birthday to our sweet (2 yr old) Doss!  And a Holiday remembrance to Uncle Foy, who shared this same birthdate, and LOVED to decorate for Christmas.  You are missed, Brother.

Just like Doss's first Christmas last year (his first, first Christmas notwithstanding, as he was 2 weeks old and we didn't know where we were or how we got there at the time), we put his radio flyer (a gift from his aunt and uncle) on the front porch filled with greenery, trees, gifts and big colorful lights.  I just love it.

Voila!  The paper chains made such a cute tree!  I just love them.  So easy and so festive and nostalgic.  Makes me think of my sweet Baba everytime I look at them.

Last year I cut out a red felt tree skirt and this year I added the circle cut-outs and it looks really nice. . .like I, um, bought it at an actual store!  And that "M" is one I used on a present last year.  Um, maybe it's time to get some presents under the tree for this year, eh!?!  One thing at a time. . . :)

A side table with a glass bowl full of glitter balls (yay!), and a vintage tree that belonged to my grandmother.  

Simple poured candles (this lovely soy one from Downing Hill) are given some pizazz with a grosgrain ribbon bow.

Some trees I call "grinch trees", sit on a sideboard on some (you guessed it!) felt circle cut outs.

Table cloth we made last year still working for us this year.  I love the graphic quality of these trees.

Candy and glitter balls make the dining table so much more fun!

I set out my Christmas dishes on the counter or the table - hey might as well do it everyday since we see so little of them!  

Greenery and grosgrain ribbon tied onto pitchers make me so happy as I look out my kitchen window.

I LOVE this tea towel hanging on my oven door. . . and its sentiment.  Happy Holidays y'all.


  1. LOVE IT ALL! Especially the glitter balls and red wagon decor! You're amazing.


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