Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gift Guide Chic at the Ranch

First of all is this the best dressed horse you've ever seen?  I cannot explain how much I love his color scheme - that beautiful gray coat, the turq/cream saddle blanket, worn brown leather, and a pop of orange rope.   I need an outfit like this.  But onward. . . 

Pre-Christmas I, ever so selflessly and in the true spirit of the season (ehem), posted a Gift Guide for Gals that happened to mention a few things I would love (and secretly hoped) to receive as gifts.  Nice, right?   Not so much.  But, in the end, I truly did receive a couple of things from the post (seriously! lucky):  boots from smart husband (though not the exact boots from the guide, still groovy boots I'm totally loving), and a "frilly fringe" knit necklace from a savvy, stylish Magill sister-in-law (thanks Megan!), who not only thoughtfully took a note from the blog (and had the post printed and inside the gift for reference - SO cute), but had them made especially for me and for our other stylish Magill SIL.  Custom frilly fringes!  Can you believe?  Here are the gift guide references:
Orig Gift Guide Boots from Anthro
Orig Gift Guide Frilly Fringe from Kove
Here's how the boots and frilly came together for the perfect Oklahoma ranch day that was one of the highlights of our Oklahoma holiday this year.  What do yal think?  I was really feeling my farm & ranch roots.  Loved it.  
Smmidge Style: Plaid cap - gift.  Green Frilly Fringe from Megan.  Corduroy jacket - circa 08 Target.  Yellow cardi - Fossil 09.  Plaid shirt - Fossil 09.  Forever 21 jeans this year.   New boots - Arturo Chiang.

And just have to share Doss's first time on a horse.   I think he and his dad are sporting quite groovy ranch style themselves.

The holidays always bring a mix of all sort of feelings and experiences, and it's always a battle to balance the excitement of gift exchanges with the true spirit of the season - but in the end, it is really a wonderful feeling to give something special to those you love, and as you can tell, this year I was so thrilled to receive such thoughtful, useful, lovely gifts.  


  1. of course you rock that look molly! is there any look you can't rock! too cute and i love that pic of doss & ben with the horse! looks like you had a great time!

  2. thanks Jenny! it was really fun. happy new year - looking forward to seeing you soon!


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