Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Mood Pile

Here's what is getting me (or keeping me, as the case may be) going this week - inspiration boards? Ha!  Not here - only time for mood, uh, piles.  Mood piles.  Yes.  And they can help gather your thoughts,  make you see what you have in a new way, or provide direction for style and your mood, too.  Atleast in my world. This week  - Cardis, books, bracelets, catalogs, and socks.

First off - books:

Bohemian Manifesto was a circa 2005 snag from Anthropologie.  Ben and I used to read it as we dreamed of what might come for our lives. . . it has things like "Boho Names", and style guides with illustrations.  Seriously - see below for your next audition, I mean, interview.  I love it.  And it makes me remember that it's not always about things that make sense.

The Sartorialist - a book version of the incomparable blog.  My friend had it autographed for me.  I love it and look at it all the time for inspiration.

Now to cardigans and accessories:

Those are Ben's black, chunky socks and yes.  I love them.  And am wearing them sticking out of my booties with my jeans tucked in.  Makes me want the J Crew camp socks.  

Loving tons of bracelets all layered up.  I am loving the solid color frocks in the stores right now, and it all looks so cute with layered jewelry.  These were gifts from my Mom and my Mother-in-law.  And the silver and gold one all about May - my birth month.  Love that. 

Wearing the dog out of this Farrah B. Texas necklace from Gypsy Wagon.  They have tons of good options there - such a cute store.  And cardis from everywhere, Fossil, J Crew, Target, and H & M.  They are so cute over solid and plaid woven shirts.  Warm too.

I found this groovy belt at Target several years ago, and I love how it looks like a 70's guitar strap.  I wear it over sweaters and cardis alot for a little texture.  And what can I say.  The current Anthro catalog is more than I can handle.  The styling for the home goods is beyond.  The station wagon and airstream are so dreamy.  

Here's to good moods this Monday!

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