Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project: Postcards from the Past

I love history.  Particularly lineage.  My familial past is so important to me.  When we were working on Doss's nursery before he was born,  the husband brought this postcard home knowing my feeling on this - it says, "Don't forget your past, it's all around you.".  I love that sentiment, and think it is something to live by.  Memories keep those that came before us, or those we have lost alive in our modern lives, and help to inform our choices, and even style, hobbies, books.  It's nice and keeps us rooted and connected to our upbringing.  I wondered how I could use lovely postcard and it's message to surround Doss with his family, past and present, from the moment he was born.    

I decided to ask our families for baby or childhood photos to use to surround the postcard.  I scanned and printed them to fit into these plain glass frames from IKEA so that the message and the images keep the focus.  I hung above what was, at the time, the changing table.  

The collage still hangs on the wall, and Doss loves to talk about everyone in the images, those he knows and those he'll only know through pictures and stories.  To me it's still not complete (I want and need to add so many more pictures - it's missing several important ones!), and maybe it never will be. . . there are many, many more stories to tell and memories of loved ones to connect with and respect.  That's what I love about it.  It's ever-changing and a commentary on love and life in that way.

Lovely folks shown here include, Aunt Megan, cousin Lola, Papa Ken, Uncle Wes and Uncle Matt, Mamy, Uncle Foy, Dado, Pop Pop, Baba and Dooley.  

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