Friday, January 28, 2011

Style&Sounds: Maritime Wanderlust

When February comes close I start getting the itch for Springtime.  I start having daydreams of sailboats, beachfronts, and cocktails in a flopsy straw hat.  No. . . I don't really sail. . . and no, I don't spend time in Nantucket, really. . . though I would love to, of course!  But I can dress in searsucker, have a cocktail and play some tunes that tweak my wanderlust.  

Here's how I envision it: Calypso dress; funky espedrilles ; lovely wind scarf (anthro of course);
seaglass ring (how gorgeous!); and blaring Windows are Rolled Down by Amos Lee - from his new album Mission Bell. Great video of the tune below.

It seems so, sort of grown up, this day-dream style. . . that's ok I suppose. . . it happens, right?

Oh!  And come back next week for the beginning of sweet Feb give-aways for kiddos and parties!  Here's to sunshiny days (to come)!


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