Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project: Fresh Frames for Vintage Pics

You all might know from previous posts how much our family - our roots - mean to us.  I love old letters, poems, writings, photographs, scrapbooks, and momentos from grandparents, and beyond that help us connect to our past.  My Mom gave us these beautiful old images (copies she had made) each of both sets of grandparents, and then my own parents all before children and some even before their weddings.  They are young couples, in love, happy, and so stylish. . .and all give us a glimpse not only into their relationships, but also each are lovely expressions of the style of the decades in which they were taken.  The 30s, 40s, and 70s.  

I wanted to get them into frames quickly, but knew I must add a little something to the presentation to make it as special as the pictures and on a budget.  Here's what I did:

Basic Frames from Target
Remove the mattes.
My trusty, customizable rubber stamp set.
At the base of each image I stamped the names, locations and dates of the images.

I love them all together!  It's really simple, super cheap, and still really special.  The stamp font and quirkiness adds just the right tone to the vintage images.  Here's to remembering where you come from, and rootsy, resourceful style. 


  1. Love this! now we need a good BW of you and Ben to pair with it!

  2. Seriously love this. Where did you get your rubber stamp set? This project is in my near future, we have so many great old fam photos. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hey gals! Thanks! KO - the stamp is from Staples

    you can see another link the the OCT 12 post "My Favorite (work) Things, also. :)

  4. Love it love it and love it a little bit more

  5. stamp set is my next purchase! great idea. (i think martha stewart makes a good stamp set as well... i think)

  6. Molly---I love vintage photos, and I love this idea! Very unique. I need one of those stamp sets....


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