Friday, March 4, 2011

My Heart Belongs to Sally Jane Vintage

Die. Die. Die over that floral skirt.
I'm obsessed with Sally Jane Vintage , and the store's blog - which is where I came across the fantastic lookbook images from her current collection.  I'm not always great at integrating vintage items into my wardrobe - they inevitably get shredded into pieces for the Smmidge Studio baby blankets - but in my head, I'm a total vintage-fashionphile - it's inherent in my approach to other parts of my life, so why not style?  Sally Jane Vintage makes it much easier to see how you would wear the groovy pieces she finds from the past.  She is so chic in her approach to looks that its hard to believe some of them are vintage at all. And her art direction and styling is perfection. For info on these looks at more go to her blog posts: Spring is in the Air Pt 1 and Spring is in the Air Pt 2  XO Sally Jane Vintage - We heart you!
Hello Chevron Dress.  Be mine.  And love the pleated skirt on the right, too.
Green machine.  I love you.

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