Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smmidge Style: Workin Girl's Spring Transition

So I have this dream for my blog: it is a beautiful, well produced, engaging expression of all these things that matter to me and to my readers (whose numbers would rise exponentially with every post): clothes, art, music, crafts, design, food, kids, goings-on. . . yadda yadda yadda.  Kind of like all the lovely blogs on my Dailies list to the left (and by left I mean right, of course). . . So, uh. . . not there yet.  In my dream, this post about everyday fashion for resourceful yet stylish women, has beautiful inspiring outfits that you give you a little inspiration for putting things together as you approach your day. . .and [in said dream] there is a cute, graphic overlay with a fabulous font and witty quips about the details of the looks and that the photos themselves are sun-drenched and I am cute and skinny and well-rested and effervescent.  So, uh. . . not there yet.  Not even close.
Instead there is this: crazy-haired, tired mom of a 2yr old who would much rather me be giving him play time than me selfishly having my own (dark, because it's night because they day is over by the time we do any of this!) picture of my outfits that consist of me shopping my closet for anything that works in this strange time of year when it's cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and coldish again at night.  And I'm ill-prepared to show any part of my body below my neck, on top of the crazy weather.  Hello, pilates and self-tanner.  Please help me.
So, well. . . I'm sharing this anyway, because maybe some of you are looking in your closet thinking you have nothing to wear, and who has time to shop anyway?  And what do you even want or need. . . my must-haves list is coming!  And for now, maybe you (like me) have a couple of pieces from last spring and some layers from this winter that you might not have thought of that just might make an outfit.  

And anytime I'm thinking,"what in the world am I doing?"  I just remember: no rules, just have fun.  Do something you love (for me this blog and my design) in the moments you can seize and include your family every step of the way.
Last years JCP dress, this winter's JCP cardi, tights and black riding boots.  I mean seriously.  The whole thing might have cost $50. . . last year!
I'm super excited about this BCBG dress - it's so light and will be great through summer, but for now with tights and jacket and boots it's great. Longevity is important.
hello, Guthrie.  My necklace is Anthro from last fall and I still love it.
"See Doss!"  His favorite thing about picture time.
I'm happy about this new tee-shirt, and to wear it now, I put it over a button down, and some cute cropped pants from Anthropologie 2009 (yikes!) and clogs.

When in doubt - jump!


  1. LOVE THIS! and you'd be proud my wardrobe is still maintaining some SMMIDGE! :)

  2. So glad! Loving all the good stuff happening right now, including your Smmidge maintenance. We gotta get you some shorts for the warm weather coming! xo


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