Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday at Belmont

The Belmont Hotel is one of our very favorite places in town, so when we ended up here on Saturday afternoon, my (as of today - Happy Birthday!) thirty-year-old husband was stoked. This man loves a surprise, and the Belmont fit the bill perfectly.

Here we are!
Such a cool room!
With a view! 
Happy Birthday!  Time for some bubbly.

A yellow chair and (finally) my blue dress debut!  Do you like it with Toms?
Off to Bar Belmont patio for drinks and (surprise!) friends, too.
The weather was superb, and even though Hubs didn't end up liking the gin drink, both were too gorgeous not to capture.
Ish your birthday.
Ben kept snappity snappin' and hollering 'profile pic'!  I feel I'm channeling a chipmunk here, but ah-well.
Ben loves all music, and his friends know that records mean the world to him.  But only ah-mazing friends know his love for 90s rap.  It takes him back to his days driving a souped up blazer with subwoofers I kid you not.
Friends came  and went, and the the drinks flowed.  Such a great night.

Ever the super-troopers (event 6.5 months preggers!) Ris, and B stuck with us to the end, and we had a ball.
Aren't they cute?  Can't wait for the little smooch to be born.  The nursery is going to be fab.
The man of the hour takes it all in at the end of the night.  I think he liked it.

The views are serious. 
I had never been in the Belmont in the morning - it was so bright and shiny.  And I can't resist a simple tee like this.  Groovy.
Bar Belmont all crisp and clean in the morning.
Coffee. Yes please.
Slurping java and waiting on the car.  Only a few minutes til we are home.  The perfect little hometown birthday getaway.


  1. Thanks! It turned out perfect. He had surprises, a few people showed up, and we had a little time away. Hope you are well!

  2. Eeeek! I'm doing a photo shoot at the Belmont! Help me out with some outfit ideas!! I wanna do something very mid-century and hoping Kailey can learn some mid-century hair styles for my 8 strands of hair that I have. Did you love the hotel?

  3. Cool! Um- yes. let me know details and I'll help if I can! The hotel is so awesome. One of our fave spots to hang out, but staying was even better!

  4. Had soooo much fun! My side was hurting from laughing so hard. Love you both!



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