Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Entry] Mirror Images

So there is a little chatter going on about selling our home and moving (to another neighborhood).  Whew.  Saying it outloud (sort of) makes the crazies seem more real.  What a daunting task to take on - particularly in the way of "staging" the house.  All the "experts" say to de-clutter, remove most of your personal items so that the potential buyers can see themselves living there.  Uh. Oh.  My house is covered in family pictures and its fair share of clutter too.  One area I'm really struggling with undoing is the images tucked into the frame of our entry way mirror.  I love the randomness of all of them, the imperfect way in which they arranged, all from different generations, black-and-white, color, all different shapes and sizes.  What a true example of family - different shapes and sizes, and layers of time, but all linked.  All the same.  Love it.  Ahh well.  I know it's gonna have to come down once we really dive into a potential move. . . but for now these mirror images remain, and inspire us and keep us rooted everyday.

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