Thursday, April 7, 2011

Style&Sounds: Cary Ann Hearst

I'm obsessed with Cary Ann Hearst.  I mean listen to her.  And then watch her sing and play music with her husband Michael Trent.  They are plain balls to the wall.  Or. . . bells to the wall as the case may be - their song "Hells Bells" was used last season on one of our favorite shows, True Blood, and sort of launched them to the next level.  If you heard it then - just once - you remember the sounds.  

They are putting it out their in a raw way that speaks to me, and I think their aesthetic is the same.  It makes me think, as I scour fashion blogs/mags and sometimes obsess over what works and what doesn't, STOP.  Just do what you do, which was one of the first sentiments I ever wrote on this blog.  I might stray from it, but I hope I always find my way back to my own voice.  Artists like this inspire me.  Read this NPR article, as it recently rekindled my love for these two.

A local purveyor of Cary Ann and Michael's sort of "rockabilly chic" is Gypsy Wagon - check out these pieces when you are feeling like kickin' the door down.  And in the meantime don't forget to do what you do.

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