Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simple Delights: Pillows and Extra Time

Buggers received a treat in the mail recently from Dinks and Dado - the cutest pillow case ever.  I just love it and it looks so cute in his room.  It's a classic and I think he'll have it forever.  If/when he grows out of it I think we'll still save it, shadow box it or plain frame it.  The lovely fabric hand is a dead giveaway that it's direct from Serena and Lily, the loveliest of lovely classic brands.  

Speaking of Buggers - we had such a nice evening recently - we are really enjoying daylight savings time.  We don't get home until after 6pm (ugh!) and with Doss's 8pm bedtime our evenings are pretty squished, but being able to spend some time outside (he'd rather be nowhere else but outside, this boy) has been such a nice thing.  This evening the sunset was beautiful, and Buggers loved us all outside - his Daddy readjusting his tree swing and watching the cars (another favorite thing) pass by.

Oooh, is that a car coming?
Doss and Guthrie - pals. 
Seeing the simplest of things through the eyes of this uber groovy little guy is just the best thing ever.  Our hours together are too few, but precious just the same.
What are your favorite tiny moments these days? Happy Wednesday.

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