Tuesday, April 19, 2011

West Texas Delight, Betty & June

I love to be delighted, don't you?  And I get particularly delighted by small-towners (as I call anyone who hails from, or lives in a small town) doing awesome things, and drawing on unique perspectives to make and create.  Resourceful creativity is the best, and I think small-towners do it best. It's easy to think the the city is where it's at - but I know better, having grown up in a very small town myself. . . Anyway, I was back home (in the small town of Baird) over the weekend visiting my parents, and happened upon a super cool new shop in Abilene - Betty & June - a pure West Texas delight.  Jessica, the proprietress, is ahh-dorable and is bringing a really modern approach to fashion (and retail in general) to the area - groovy modern brands, a great mix of price points (much of the selection is under $100!), and rootsy (yay!) branding that I love - all derived from family. Jessica and her husband [an Air Force pilot] had super inspirational and fashionable grandmothers (and you know how I feel about groovy grandmothers) - Betty & June, thus the name.  Did I mention Jess is a Mom of a 4 yr old, too? wow - doing it all.  Love it.  Betty & June will forever be on my weekender route when I'm home (one that includes Relics).  Looking forward to the next visit already!

Cute corner store location in downtown Abilene.
I love the black focal wall in the entry with hand painted stories of Betty and June, and, ehem, some mimosa fixins.  Awesomeness.
Color ways.
That's Jessica, next to the desk o' accessories from which I purchased a chevron (another current obsession) necklace.
I loved this maxi dress.
I love how she left the floors "as is" against the crisp with walls, colorful accents and utilitarian hardware. 
We ARE kindred spirits!  Jessica utilized hand-stamped luggage tags.  Adorable. 
Great display for her select shoe assortment.

If you are ever in the area, be sure to check'em out.  
I couldn't resist this scarf!


  1. LOVE Betty and June! I need to go! Wow Moll's this is right up your alley.....hmmmm. (;

  2. it is! you would love it too. . . maybe on a "mommy and me" trip to Baird. :)


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