Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cyber Obsessed: The New Domestic

Hi Smmidgers! I missed yall yesterday.  Mondays are a current dread of mine.  Does anyone else get the SNACKS?  Sunday Night Anxiety AttaCKS.  I am in the midst of (yet another) completely insane week and I def had the SNACKS this week.  It's an event week for my d-a-y j-o-b and I'm up to my ears in catering, production plans, music, scripts and my personal fave: walk-throughs.  So bear with me - this week may be a little sketchy.  But I had to share these super-cool bags from The New Domestic, one of my very new and fave cyber obsessions.  The styling is terrif and they make me quite happy (even in the madness that is my life!).  Hope they do the same for you.  Happy Tuesday.


  1. Yeah! Love these bags, they just ooze "happy" - - good luck with the big event. It is in good hands, the best. And, it too shall pass! xoxo

  2. thanks KO! they are happy. thanks for your kind words.


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