Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fave Things for 2yr Old Boys

Buggers is very opinionated about what he likes these days.  It's an ever changing list (those finicky 2 yr olds) but here are his current fave things.  Harry and the Horsie by Katie Van Camp is the super fave book right now.  We love when horsie goes "up and away" all the way to the moon - not to mention the Super Dooper Bubble  Blooper.  Also in the mix, Stalling and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs.
Toy cars of all shapes and sizes, but this old 50s red pick-up truck is always at maximum usage.  It's a little oversized by comparison which he loves, and is from Whole Earth Provisions.
The Wide-Mouthed Frog is an awesome little story about this cute froggy who loves to meet others and know what they like to eat, but he likes sticky flies no matter what.  In our house he has a deep southern accent.
Ok, so Buggers could care less what he wears, but I had to throw in these cute, comfortable finds from Crew Cuts- striped cotton shorts (that still look little boyish unlike so many of the shrunken big people clothes that are so hard to get away from at this size) and plain crewneck tees - I love the bright color tees like this orange.  And because he loves to run, these are his fave sneaks - the cool and super durable Vans.  I love the velcro closures too.  
And when he's not playing cars or reading Harry and the Horsie, he is probably doing his all-time favorite thing - running outside.  Buggers loves to be out exploring, and if he can do it at a breakneck pace, then even better.

Here's to the little things we love and a little freedom, too, indoors and out.

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