Friday, May 20, 2011

Rockin' Rehab Design Studio

One of my favorite new spots in Big D for chic vintage and "rehabbed" furniture is Rehab Design Studio in White Elephant Antiques.  Eilene and Bill, outside of being our new friends (literally, we were like immediately friends. We have both been cyber-stalking eachother and it was instantly easy) are super-spotters.  They find the best stuff.  Especially large pieces, you know the show stoppers we all want and need but can never track down.  Well it's because they are here, at RDS.  It's so awesome to meet (and not just on FB/twitter) people here that are really making it happen.  And I'm so inspired.  They are really going for it and it's super cool to see.  I hope you meet them too, but in the meantime, check'em out at the market.    
 Doesn't the space look great - they just doubled their booth size.
 I die for this bright yellow chief vase.

 And I must have this table as my next desk. 
 No words for this ahhhhhhhh-MAZING coffee table. 
These are on my favorite things list.  Must have them.  Maybe it's my must-have list.  Whatever.  LOVE them. 
Yay RDS and Eilene and Bill.  Can't wait for our next brunch.  

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