Monday, May 23, 2011

Style&Sounds: Spring Mixology

As the saying goes, "april showers bring may flowers" -  here in Big D we are still getting the April showers/thunderstorms in May (my thoughts and prayers for the latest tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri), but there are still lots of pretty flowers in bloom around town that are so pretty and inspiring.  (wish my flower bed would sprout some. . . well, anything - even a weed.  another time, another place perhaps).   So with flowers on the brain, this is my spring mixology look.  A mash-up of colors, patterns, seasons and brands in my closet . . . you know, it's all about making something out of a little (a seed grows you know.  I did.  I just said that. Don't judge.) . . . something that is all about the season, and in spring all colors, patterns, & textures coexist, so why not in your outfit (and life in general)?  The thing I like most about a mixed look is that it's just all examples of what I dig together.  I say dress for yourself.  Have fun (even after 35).  Dance (see below) and use the things you love (and that you have).  

Spring mixology begs for a groovy song, and I'm currently listening to (and obsessed with) - Diego Garcia - all I can say is take a listen and a look and it will all make sense.  Rad.  Totally rad.  And yes, I'm saying rad - it's my birthday.  I am bringing back "rad" because I love it.  Love all you smmidgers out there that stop by, too.  Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE This look and those pics Molly! too freakin' cute! - can you send me that image file - i wanna do a post on it! HAPPY HAPPY BDAY Molly!!!! 35 and only getting started!

  2. thanks! coming your way! xoxo



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