Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tricycle Days and Nights

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is the new favorite mode of transportation at our house.  I really love it's retro look with handle streamers, a branded wood backstep and chrome fenders.  With all the big kids riding bikes in the neighborhood, Buggers was really needing some peddles to push as he tries to keep up.  We are still working on it, but he's in the game for sure.

Buggers is on his way.
Safety first.  His Nutcase helmet is his fave accessory (inside and out) - though we couldn't get him in pants and shoes. . .
I can see him tasting freedom already and loving it.  Oh easy rider - the world is your oyster.


  1. That bike is so great! And Doss in true hippie pants. (:

  2. Oh my god, I want one in grown-up sized.

  3. it is super cool! and the seat is so easy on them. but would be sweet full size :)


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