Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flag Day

I know it was just Memorial Day (hope you all had a good one - we we attended a lovely service back home and def enjoyed a long weekend away from the d-a-y-j-o-b's), but everyday is like flag day at my Mom's house.  I always find something different going on in my Mom's house and on a recent visit I walked into find these Tibetan prayer flags draped in the window and I was really inspired.  My Mom is really resourceful when it comes to decorating and unexpected uses for decor is her specialty. . . a true gift.  I love this unexpected use, particularly because they are typically strung in the mountaintops of the Himalayas to bring blessings, to remember, to inspire . . . and now they are also in the windows of a small West Texas home where, today, they will hang in the air with memories of my brother Foy, who was gone too soon.  Here's to being resourceful and to blessings near and far and to never forgetting those we love both here and gone.

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