Thursday, July 14, 2011

Art Time for Minis

I cannot say how much I love these Melissa and Doug colors.. . crayon set. . . whatever you want to call them.  We always called them colors growing up. . . and I love these mainly because M&D got the palette just right and they don't have a paper sleeve.  We got them a my fave stop for kids stuff - Whole Earth Provisions - but I'm sure you can find them at lots of toy stores.
This P'kolino art table is the best. thing. ever. It has a chalkboard and storage.  Buggers eats at this table, plays cars on it, and colors of course.  We move the stools all over the house, too.  Very useful.
Lefty here prob working a spiral.  His favorite shape.
the colors are so luscious
Great job buggy!
Aren't the stools so dang cute. Is that an errant cheerio I see?  nice.


  1. Those crayons are incredible. The triangular shape are a great idea. I'll have to order some for Liam. Found Melissa and Doug's site, looks like they have a ton of cool stuff also. And it's all affordable!

  2. Bill - you rock! I'll add the link. Yes - super affordable. Mr. Liam needs 'em. Thanks!


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