Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smmidge Style: Hot Summer Rut Uniform

 I have had some questions about the lack of Smmidge Style posts lately, and my stock answer is "I'm in a hot summer rut!".  I have been really struggling to find anything to wear that is appropriate (what is appropriate in degrees?), comfortable and cool (literally).  I am actually wearing denim capris and plain tees to work most of the time, and when I'm not in that uniform, I'm in this one (you saw this previously in my Chronic Bitchface post).  I found this cute little denim dress with sequin accents at Fossil and have been wearing it what seems like every other day - from groceries, to dinner out to work.  Appropriate or not, I don't care because it is simple, easy and cool and the neck line makes me feel pulled together even without doing anything else.  Taming this mop in the humid heat of Dallas is a whole 'nother post, but generally I'm pushing it out of my face and off my neck with a scarf headband such as this.  Hope you are staying cool and fresh literally and style-wise - let me know how you do it, too!  I love to see your ideas. 

Buggers in his summer uni - shorts and no shirt.  Nice. It's a sad state of affairs around here!

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