Friday, July 29, 2011

Smmidge Style: August Aztec Inspiration

Oh August, hot hot August. . . Do you need a little zip in August?  Me. Too.  I've mentioned I've felt totally flat in fashion this summer.  Maybe it's being strapped to a cubicle that is mauve 50hrs/week. . . or on the opposite end, traveling every weekend for that same d-a-y-j-o-b (but seriously, can you believe July is over? Scary. Just plain scary.) but one way or the other I'm just freaking out that I've lost any sense of personal style. . . do you ever feel that way?  Like "who the hell am I?" followed directly by "am I too old to wear this?" or "does this look too effing old?  I'm not old!".  So confused.  But recently I have felt some slight inspiration by the Aztec inspired prints going on - and if used sparingly will go right into autumn groov-alish.  And I love blacks and grays and oranges with pops of turquoise, don't you?  Ok, ok, maybe we're getting somewhere.  It is still summer, still shorts and sandals (and for a long time to come here in Tejas) but a tiny twinge of transition peeks out . . .and look at us now - straight August Aztec bad-ass.  Hope you have a terrif weekend - I'm off to NYC and expect to come back full of new inspiration!  Stay tuned and stay cool.
Oh August

All Saints screen print shirt, $55
Corduroy shorts, €270
Jeffrey Campbell wooden shoes, $135
Antik Batik cuffs jewelry, $95
Earrings, £20


  1. Those sandals are craaaaazy, they remind me of Minnie Mouse.

  2. They are crazy and I love them and their Minnie Mouse-ness.


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