Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ACE in the Hotel

I love the Ace Hotel in New York City.   I'm dying to stay at another location in Palm Springs or Seattle, but for now NYC is my spot and my go-to place when I'm there.  It's the uber-original hipster enclave that is even more endearing because it's located on a random corner @ 29th and Broadway.   I really feel like I'm in on a secret when I'm there because the rates are so reasonable by New York standards.  There is nothing overly chic around it, but it's there just being groovy without a chip on it's shoulder.  All the rooms are a bit different with cool graphic and industrial elements but softened with crisp white linens and yummy blankets.  With an accommodating staff who really do not care of you come in skinnies and chucks, or pleated khakis - all are welcome.   And, uh, do NOT go without having a glass of prosecco and a leek tart at the ahhhhhmazing restaurant next door The Breslin.  I literally dream about it.  Have a loverly Wednesday.

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