Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Rosy

I came across THE MOST amazing shop on Etsy (because I skulk around that site all. the. time. - there are so many treasure and truly some talented merchants!): Greatest Friend 

They have the most glorious assortment of beautifully chosen vintage pieces and beautifully made not-so-vintage pieces. . . I was struck by the rosy hues that kept coming up and couldn't resist. . . thus this rosy little piece on some of my faves.  I feel more hopeful already!

1980s vintage rustic cotton ikat pinafore dress - $42 

1970s vintage suede and coral leather hobo bag - $36

1970s vintage large magic eye silk scarf - $16

1980s vintage blush rose billowy rayon top - $28

1980s vintage native flowers rayon top - $30

1900s vintage weaved flax and printed raw silk japanese drawstring purse - $64

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