Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Herb Garden Heaven

 If you are here you probably know that I've been traveling for my d-a-y-j-o-b for four weeks straight (heading into my fourth trip in as many weeks on Wed - yikes).  So, I'm nuts.  I'm insane right now.  Running around, trying to not just keep my job, but excel at it (oy), and maintain the things that really feed my soul (my fam, my sweet little boy, my friends, this here blog, etc) - it's. . . uh. . . well. . . bumpy at best.  But I'm hopeful just the same. 
 *SIDE NOTE: speaking of maintaining hope (did you see the market returns and economic outlook today, among other things in the world?) in an extremely difficult time for everyone - I wholeheartedly suggest reading Martha Beck's article in this month's O Magazine (it's not online yet) - but it's an inspiring non-guilty guide to keeping the faith and being positive.
One source of hope is rooted in being married to an awesome guy.  It's cheesy I know, but @benjaminmagill rocks.  When I returned from New York last week, I was met with this: an indoor herb garden.  Ben did it.  Just for me.  I. Die.  Isn't it so perfect in the crisp pots (from IKEA) and sitting atop a lazy susan on gilded stump.  In. The. Living. Room.  I love it there because - who else has an herb garden in the living room?  Which works in a little house so well. We just used the basil tonight for dinner and I expect major usage of all. . . mostly it just makes me happy when I look at it. . . being thoughtful (and flavorful!) is not overrated.


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