Friday, September 2, 2011

A Baby Boy's Sip and See

R's were everywhere to say "Rohen is Here!"
Little Rohen is making the rounds these days, and after having such an amazing time working on his nursery, I couldn't wait to help introduce this little prince to some of his family and friends. . . so a Saturday afternoon sip-and-see for Mister Rohen was in order.  With such a cute name, this day was all about "R's".  After finding a great little private room at a local winery on a Saturday afternoon, picking some wine and cheese to tide us over the afternoon - all it took was little cutting and pasting, some chalkboard paint and chalk, and R's all around and the stage was set for a fun afternoon with Prince Rohen.  We all had a wonderful time hangin' with Rohen and his pals.

R's, mini bundt cakes, and thistles - all about Rohen!

Prince Rohen and his pretty momma.
Gorgeous couple.  Love these guys!

Buggers was in on the action of course! Rohen is here and I'm ready for a nap!

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  1. Yes, I have awesome friends and yes, it's okay for everyone to be jealous.

    Hee hee,


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