Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Postcards from a Small Town

We went back to my hometown, Baird TX, over the holiday weekend and took a walk through town.  It was a really quiet Sunday morning and I could almost hear the memories of my childhood, and perhaps beyond, fill the streets, sidewalks and empty buildings. Baird was a wonderful place to grow up... to be from.  My family has been there over 100 years.  It may not be the same as it once was; perhaps it, as many small towns has lost some of its vibrancy.  But it's still my home, my roots.  Those spaces, streets, trees, buildings, land and it's people shaped me.  We are working on some projects about small-towners (as I call us), and I'm very excited to share those as they take more shape, but for now, its all here in these images.  


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