Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inspired by AIGA's Design for Good

It's true.  Designers solve problems.  Sometimes in the most beautiful way, yes. . . but also, functional ways.  Always functional. . . otherwise where is the design?  I'm so inspired by AIGA's Design for Good movement where they are mobilizing designers of all disciplines to come together with other functional experts to solve community based problems. Or as they say, "design driven social change". Take a look at this beautifully produced video that explains the approach.  It's about utilizing talent in an efficient way to make a positive impact on communities of all sorts. Cities, towns, and organizations of all kinds are coming to see that designer's approach to problem solving can be a huge asset from implementing the creative process (even on problems outside of typical design) to understanding the collaborative process.  Designers can often anchor a group and harness the creativity to produce a functional (and likely beautiful) answer (for profit, or not).  I don't know about you, but facing what we face in this day and age, I'm on board for a new and better way.

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