Monday, December 5, 2011

Wild for Wildwood Chronicles

One of our favorite bands is the Decemberists.  In fact, their album The King is Dead is transformative. . . it literally changes me every time I hear it.  So I was beyond excited when I saw that Collin Meloy and his wife, illustrator Carson Ellis have just collaborated on a new book, the Wildwood Chronicles and it's getting great reviews.  Take a look at this lovely video of them talking about the process to create this together. . . I love the way they are together and how they talk about working together.  What a gift!  And below, prepare to be inspired, and maybe moved to tears. . . Rise to Me is all about love, life, courage and specifically Collin's ode to Carson and their son Henry.   Beautiful.  I'm looking forward to being moved and changed by the book, and maybe surprise some people with a special Christmas gift. A Decemberist surprise seems fitting. 


  1. ONCE AGAIN we're speaking the same language! This is the album I bought for Dossy's b-day that most represents my year as I get the same feeling every time I listen to it. ALSO, did you know they came out with a 6 song "add on" to this album. Can't remember the name right now but it's great!


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