Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Before and After - Artwork Update

When I first started this this blog (my second) I wrote a post called Remember your Roots where I told you about blowing up some old letterhead from my hometown, printing it in a large format and hanging it on my wall.  (Hubs build the really simple frame, too)  I have loved this piece so much even I used it in two different rooms (both my bedroom and most recently in my living room).  But recently, I felt compelled to change it up and I had been itching to get my acrylic paints out.  I had to paint and draw in college as a part of my degree in Interior Design, and I love the look of acrylic paints.  I was never an artist by any stretch, but truly love to paint - I love color and I love the textural, imperfect, layered look of acrylics.  Anyway, I drug out my art boxes, pulled the Callahan County print down off the wall and went for it.  I love and miss my home so much, and always always say that my roots, my family, and our heritage in West Texas makes me who I am.  This was a way to illustrate the light and love of my upbringing, family and place, and how that moves me still today.  I like it - the mix of the old illustration against new bright graphics - I'd definitely say it totally "pops" and of course, the colors alone make me so happy.  And the graphic burst is so simple to do.  Here's to doing a bit of what you love whenever you can, creative decor, and of course remembering your roots. 

the paints
the palette on a plate
my hometown 


  1. beautiful. the callahan county font/design is reminiscent of that from a marriage certificate. truly gorgeous.

  2. so true! very much like a marriage license. So glad you like it too! thanks for commenting.


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