Monday, January 2, 2012

Cool Kid Art

Along with the crib coming down in Bugger's room, some of the artwork has just not been working in there either and it is time to change things up.  I had (what I thought) was a good idea with a picture/postcard collage when he was born, but the frames never worked, and it's been half up, half down for months.  So I was thinking about the skateboards we have and something cool I could do with them. . . Here is where we ended up.  I gave them to my Dad and said I wanted them to be able to hang on the wall.  I love to give a detailed brief.  haha.  He didn't need details.  He knew just what to do.  I couldn't love it more.  It's simple, functional, industrial.  It's using something existing and transforming it.  My favorite approach.  I also love that the boards face different ways so it reads all the way around, and isn't meant to be one way, or the other.  I think it is the perfect piece for a growing boy (who will start pre-school this week!  I CAN'T believe it.  My baby is growing up. . . but more on that later), and definitely doesn't put him in a box as it sits opposite his instrument rack and shelves full of cars and books.  Happy New Year everybody!  

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