Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Etsy Find: Fave 2012 Calendars

Hello 2012!  I get the feeling everyone is feeling a little hope and inspiration for what this year may hold.  Yes!  I'm with ya!  One thing that gets me excited: calendars!  Here are just a few that I'm loving for keeping track of 2012 and hitting all my marks and goals.  :) Only problem - how to choose?!? First up - the perpetual calendar by Project 44 is just the coolest (i found via PrintPattern via Charlotte's Fancy, of course)You make this decision on the colors/paper etc so this "handcrafted digital file" can be customized.  Genius.
Apropos.  LOVE this actionable sentiment by Jan Skacelik.  
Seriously adore this wood type design by aManoPress.   Each month sports different and beautiful color combos, bits of trivia by month and of course important holidays. 
The Owl Calendar by Gengiber.  How amazing and adorable are these?  Each has such personality and would a treat to focus on each one each month.  

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  1. Thank you for calendars. I made my new year calendar by the helping of My Owl Barn site. You shared that site too. Thank you. Calendars are very decorative objects for our living rooms. Best wishes..


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