Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dinner with Girlfriends with History

Cathy the newest mom with the newest baby looking great in her role.
I was discussing the importance of old friends with a new friend recently. ALL friends are important and I consider myself very lucky to have a handful of super amazing new and old friends. A few days after this conversation I found myself at dinner with my 3 dearest friends from college. . . and baby Cooper, of course, the newest addition to our group.  What a cutie. . .and what  good sport he is, and has to be with all of us being loud, acting nutty.  As the night progressed I came to appreciate (even more than I already did) what my new friend said about old friends.  There is something having history with people.  We know who we were and who we are, of dreams realized and lost, and can laugh and yell, and act a fool. . . nobody cares.  We can handle meltdowns, blowups and everything in between.  We've survived the ups and downs of life (so far) and of our friendships. . . basically, we know that shit happens - good and bad.  We have high and low expectations at the same time . . . we give eachother space, but demand the best of one another.  And in the end, when we are together, it's like we are all 18 again.   xo - m.m.
seriously.  Vicki and Kara hamming it up, taking direction well.  Love these mugs.
baby love.
me unabashed, of course, coaxing out C's inner performer.
i'm the newbie.  These cats have been together since grade school.
I said look up with your eyes, not your face!!!  see image at top.


  1. so cute... love that crew!! :)

  2. tears! best post ever! so sweet :)

  3. I seriously do not what i would do without my girls, new ones, old ones, work ones, etc. They are my sanity, my rocks. Love this post!


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