Friday, January 20, 2012

Instagram-able 3

Hi friends! What a crazy and exciting week it's been. I feel super rushed right now because the dayjob is really intense and demanding on top of getting used to Doss bear being in school and then normal life know how it is. I'm ready for a vacay! Instead I'm off to New York on Sunday for what will be one of the most exciting and stressful trips I've ever been on. Five days if pure, crazy, stressful, magic. I'm ready to be on the other side. But can't help but be excited. In the meantime here are some bits of life that were caught on instagram. From accessories I love to Ben's rear view mirror hanger, to sweet baby boy who isn't a baby, to typography i ador, to dear friends, and some smmidge style in between....As always this exercise does me good. Soon you will see some other's bits of life here... So exciting! But for now it's just a smidge of smmidge. :). Wait- that's what I should have called this all along! Happy Friday. Xx- m.m.

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