Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smmidge Style: Yellow Jacket, Splatter Paint & Grocery Store Run

my have yellow blazer and a splatter painted tee.
Hiya friends.  I've been away for a bit, but am happy to be home and back into a groove again. Fun things to share from being out of town, but that's for another time.  Now I wanted to share my favorite wool blazer before it gets too warm around here. . . this was taken around New Year's and I can't even believe how fast this year is going.  I'm freaked out by it, actually, but I'll save that session for a therapeutic girls night or something. . .  It's almost March and I'll have to put this little yellow lovely away soon but hopeful to get another wear or two out of it.  I love love love yellow and this cream piping makes me so happy.  This day I layered a splattered painted tee (why not?) on pattern, on pattern, on yellow (again, why not?) and off we went to the grocery store.  Looking forward to spring, but even if the cold snaps again I feel sunny in this - even if I channel a Century 21 agent, just a bit.  Happy Wed.  xx - m.m.
pattern on splatter paint, a definite fave.
what would we do without these cars?!
step away from the chips.
the yogurt debate.


  1. love. the. splatter. paint. ah! and really love that blazer. and love the most the pics of darling darling doss!


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