Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blogger Profile: Hilary Inspired

Hey guys!  So happy to bring you the next installment of our new blogger profile series.  See the first one with Charlotte's Fancy, here.  This week we bring you the lovely Hilary Inspired.  I was first drawn to this blog because of the succinct tag, "art & life".  How perfect.  After that, I quickly got into the thoughtful writing and lovely brand design. . . then I realized Hilary herself is a local Metroplex girl.  A lovely design blog by a local?  L.O.V.E.  Then, I read about her musician husband and saw her personal style reflected in her 'outfitting' posts and that was it.  It was meant to be.  I've been a faithful reader ever since, and you will be too.  Now here are a few more lovely details from Hilary that will no doubt keep you (wait for it). . . Hilary Inspired.  I couldn't resist.  Enjoy!  xx - m.m.

[smmidge] Describe your blogging style.
[Hilary Inspired]In a few words... Thoughtful, slow, curious, and original. Thoughtful because it's more than just a photograph or collage. It's an idea, a lifestyle, or a perspective. I have a hard time posting a photo with only a brief description. I want to bring more to my readers than that. So, often my posts include a narrative of ideas and thoughts to ponder alongside the images. I blog because I love it and not because of an obligation to post everyday. Sometimes this results in a slower pace.  When I say my blogging style is "slow", I don't mean that in a bad way. I tried blogging every day of the week when I first started two years ago. It worked for a while but then I made the decision to begin producing as much original content as possible and so naturally that slowed the process down a bit.  I take my time in considering post topics, developing the content, and composing the message. After a year and a half of feeling controlled by my blog and the schedule I had set for myself, I finally came to the realization that I am much happier when I produce fewer  posts that I feel are excellent rather than many posts that I know are mediocre. I love discovering new things, which is part of what attracted me to the blogging community in the first place! I've taken up photography and now thoroughly enjoy exploring my curiosity through that medium. Of course, originality goes without saying... it's what I love most about blogging. It allows me to express myself individually and self-publish a body of work that I am proud of and happy to share. :-)

[smmidge] Your personal style? And one favorite piece (each) in your home and wardrobe that reflects your style.
[Hilary Inspired] Oh dear, isn't that ever evolving? Sometimes I think I've got it all figured out and then other days I feel totally lost. Right now, though, I would say my personal style consists of classic shapes and elements brought together with unusual styling and detailing. I love vintage and the thrill of a unique treasure found!! My design aesthetic warbles somewhere between nostalgic traditionalist and progressive modernist... or at least that's what I think. ;-)

My favorite wardrobe piece is currently the tall, black boots I picked up at Nordstrom Rack. They are tailored, elegant, and beautifully made. I fully intend to quirk them up a bit with a flouncy skirt or high-waisted retro jeans. My favorite piece in my home is still the over-sized stage light bulb that my husband David brought home one day. He is a music MBA student at TCU and noticed this gem discarded outside of the main performance hall. I think it is fascinating and throws you off when you first see it! (see a more about this in one of Hilary's recent posts here)

[smmidge]What keeps you inspired both on the blog and in life?
[Hilary Inspired] I keep my inspiration fresh and alive by exposing myself to new things outside my job and the internet. I think it's so important to give yourself other hobbies, interests, or occasional experiences outside of that one thing you do a lot of (ie your career). For instance, I spend most of my days working online in the social media design community. But I take a modern dance class on Tuesday nights and am guest performing with a local contemporary dance company this Spring. It stretches my mind and body and allows me to exercise different approaches to creativity.  I also relish my trips to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Nature walks are sublime and such an incredible source of inspiration and rejuvenation for me!!

[smmidge] Your 3 favorite songs to listen to while blogging.
[Hilary Inspired] I don't know that I have 3 favorite songs but I can give you 3 favorite Pandora stations instead! Right this very moment, in fact, I'm listening to Ray LaMontagne's station. I also get a kick out of James Brown's station, and my Beatle's station is a steady go-to.

(This is just another reason I love this girl!  Ben and I have loved Ray since we started dating in '04.  He's so soulful.  See one of my reasons for loving his music, here.)

[smmidge] Last book you read and loved.
[Hilary Inspired] Yikes... I'm not much of a reader. I know, bad me. I did, however, read Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte's style self-help book, Style Statement. Well, actually I'm still reading it! The concepts are fantastic, thought provoking, and revealing. I would recommend it to anyone! 

[smmidge] Your top three favorite blogs.
[Hilary Inspired] What if I give you a few recent discoveries? I follow many of the big names such as The Sartorialist and From Me, To You because I think their work is wonderful, but that's not a very interesting answer, is it? Right now I am really enjoying The LocalsA Daily Something, and The Ruffle House. And of course, SMMIDGE!!

Aww, so nice!  Loved this interview so much, and it's cheesy (I KNOW) but the name says it all. . . it's so inspiring.  Thanks Hilary, so much, for having some fun with us and sharing a bit more of your world.  It was great to have you!  xx - m.m. 


  1. Thank you so much for having me Molly!! I love learning about how others have discovered my work. It made me smile to read your story!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, H! It was fun to get to know you better. Hope we meet soon!


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