Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calling Collect

image from Oh Dee Doh
Do you collect?  I'm an off and on collector.  It all started for me with a really amazing miniature collection started for me by my Mother and Grandmother when I was little.  I adored them.  Now, I am into other collections (though I still have my miniatures) like magazines (really), records, and quirky glassware.  I love to see what others decide to collect, too.  It definitely doesn't have to fit into a frame or a scrapbook for me.  Be creative.  If you love visual design of any kind, you know that almost anything en masse makes can be beautiful and make an impact.  

I think Doss already has a pretty rad matchbox car and train collection.  I love the rows of trains above for little boys.  
image via Pretty Stuff
And these amazing matchboxes would be kind of amazing with all of Doss's cars.  Minus the combustible material of course.
image & source
What a beautiful and unexpected collection of wooden utensils.  I love this.  I could see these hanging in an Anthropologie window too. . .can't you? Like on colorful yarns, from the ceiling.  Or in your kitchen in a colander.  Either way works!
image from PoppyTalk
Be still my heart.  Compartments of vintage drawers.  Love love love. 
image & source
This is a good room in general.  The colors and simplicity are nice.  And these shelves filled with colorful and patterned little bowls.  I want some run right past, grab a bowl for yogurt and head to the stool to have my coffee.  
image via The Constant Gatherer
I'm starting a pencil collection pronto.  When I was in college studying interior design, I loved my colored pencil and marker collection.  It was so wonderful to open tool box and smell that distinct scent of the sharpened pencils.  
image via Brocante Home
Vintage clocks, enough said. 
image via Habitually Chic
Sometimes I think of a collection only as like items. . . so I love this image of a collection of desk articles.  Things that belong on the surface together even though they all function differently.  Be open to it. . . collecting is a great way incorporate a focus outside of yourself or your typical day and you may have one started already if you take a look around.  xx - m.m.


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