Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eleven Questions (with me!)

I'm not always one for games. . . as a kid, when a chain letter came, (yes, a real chain letter via the actual mail - it was the 80s/90s) I would never join in.  But a blogging friend, the fabulous Amy at Green Eggs & Hamm, tagged me in a game of 11 questions.  I fully admit smiling as I compiled my answers. . .it was so inspiring!   Here are my answers to her questions. . . and my questions to friends below.  xx - m.m.

1.)  If $10,000 fell from the sky and landed on your porch...what is the first thing you would do?
First I would buy my husband everything he needs for a wardrobe from Billy Reid.  The aesthetic is so him,  his favorite sport coat is from there and it is super looking and he would look so sharp everyday if he had more to go around.  Here is a sweet look from the Fall 2012 show.  

And then (assuming we have anything left), I would get my set of 8 of these babies.  The Charles and Ray Eames Molded Plastic Dowel Leg Chair in Lime Yellow.  

2.)  You could live anywhere in the world...where would it be?
I once had posed this same question to a friend I respected very much, and he gave me the most inspiring answer and I have never forgotten it.  He said, "I can live anywhere."  Live in the  moment, and for us right now that is Dallas and we are lucky to have some wonderful friends and hope for the future.  There is more than meets they eye to "Big D".  I recently snapped this pic of my city and I love it because, in a city made for cars, sometime you much exit and get out to find your way. . . .
3.)  You get to pick one skill you can suddenly be a master in...what would that skill be? 
Singing and playing guitar.  Like for real singing with a big voice.  I love big female voices, and girls out in front of a band.  I have always loved the spotlight from the time I was a little girl in jazz to acting in plays in high school to putting on shows for anyone in my dorm (often drunkenly but whatev).  Here is me as a talented singer, in my mind, in my dreams... as Jenny Lewis. more on her here

4.)  Dream job?  What is it?
See above (#3).
5.)  City or Country?  and why.
Country.  Mainly because I grew up in a small town, and I miss it and my family there.  When I'm there, or anywhere in the West where there is big sky, I feel less stressed and more myself.   And there is NOTHING like a sunset in West Texas.  

6.)  What is your perfect day?
Freedom from schedule, thus time with my husband and kid.  And afternoon cocktails.  This says it all. . . well almost.  

7.)  Favorite meal or snack.
Scallops and polenta, and Nutella. (straight, of course).

8.)  You have a chance to get together with your favorite blogger.  Who would it be, and what would you plan to do. 
Rebecca Woolf from Girls Gone Child.  I have loved her blog since finding it in 2007 and her blog and book, Rockabye, both inspired and got me through my pregnancy and Doss's infancy.  She also inspired me to start blogging.  I would totally want to eat a healthy meal with with her and talk shop.  She is just so cool, and still inspires me as an empowered woman, mother, wife, sister,  friend. . . and blogger.  

9.)  You can get any haircut/haircolor...no matter how drastic...and you can have your old hair back in a week.  What would you do? 
Long, straight, red hair with heavy blunt bangs.  

10.)  Where do live and what do you love about your city.
See #2
11.)  What are you obsessing over now?
See the second part of #1 plus getting to Palm Springs for a vacation we have postponed twice in the last 2 months for the d-a-y-j-o-b.  Seriously.  NEED to get away!  Which is why my perfect day starts with no schedule. . . but that's another convo. 

Thanks again to Amy from GEH for including me!  I am clearly currently obsessed with girls with bangs.  I didn't know until now but ah, well.  Here are 11 of my favorite questions.  Anyone can play along.  Link up your answers in comments if you want to share!  

1.) Tea or coffee?
2.)  Favorite treat, sweet or otherwise?
3.)  Favorite hour of the day - why?
4.)  Favorite song?
5.)  Last book you read?
6.)  Fave pet and name?
7.)  A current TV show you never miss?
8.)  Celebrity crush?
9.)  Must have home decor piece?
10.)  Where do live and what do you love about your city.
11.)  Current must have fashion piece?

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  1. Seriously love your answers! I am going to check out Girls Gone Child. I too love Nutella. I hate to buy it because I double fist it...peanut butter in one hand, nutella in the other...and of course a knife. The next thing I know i've eaten the whole jar...or I do walk by's with a spoon and get a scoop everytime I walk in the kitchen.


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