Friday, March 2, 2012

One word: Gwyneth

I love her. That's it. I am not always so struck by sightings, but seeing her in person 2 ft away from me...I died. I can't even stand how much I adore her. When she won the Oscar in '99 for Shakespeare in Love and gave that amazing speech while wearing that angelic pink dress, I was changed forever. This night she came through in this black jumpsuit with shoulder pads and a dramatically low neckline and a long amazing necklace....she is like butter in person. She does not disappoint. I, ehem, was also in a black jumpsuit this evening. We are soooo on the same page (is this what a stalker feels?) even if not on the same luxurious level. :) Aw well, a girl can admire and always dream (of being her best friend). Happy Friday. Xx- m.m.


  1. duuuuude. so jealous. she's the tits! she has a great recipe for shrimp tacos that i can actually make. and it's only stalking if you call it stalking, otherwise it's just serious reverence, right?


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