Monday, April 9, 2012

Flower Power

image via The Sweetest Occasion
Are you excited about the floral craze?  I am.  I can't help it. . . I have always loved flowers and floral prints.  My college dorm room was covered in very busy floral print (and pink carpet and gingham, but never you mind) that I was in love with.  Considering many others my age were experiencing 90s grunge phase, I'm not sure how or why I was laying in a bed of flowers and kicking it in suede hiking boots and denim shirts (thank you Texas.  Big nerd.).  Thus I am not sure I can say I was ahead of my time.  (again, Big. Nerd.) But I can look back and remember that I was always a flower lover (in life and in pattern), and am more than happy to embrace the craze again.  I guess I'll leave the hiking boots to the past, though.  Sad.  xx - m.m.
image via Urban Outfitters
image via We Heart It 
image via Byrdie Graphics, Etsy
image via letters of vintage
image via Global Cool
a flower moment I had recently.
I love this flower shirt totally inspired by a 70s print. 


  1. I love the bedspread. All the florals, really, but that one in particular is such a fresh spin on the usual choked-with-roses comforters!

    1. Hi Lisa! Agree! so NOT like the one I had in college. :)


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