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Blogger Profile: Amy from Green Eggs & Hamm

Hi Guys!  I'm so happy to bring you this week's Blogger Profile with Amy from Green Eggs and Hamm.  This girl brings true passion and energy to everything.  You will totally feel it too - just read below!  I love how she expresses herself - I mean, who else can cram into one interview the following:  a feminine red dress, camo boots; Adidas watch; paint by numbers and other vintage finds; an IRL scrap book of inspirations (my fave thing); and finally an inspiring memory of overnight "auuts and cwaffts" with her son.  Really, it's all here. . . explained in this hilarious, real-life, passionate, happy way that is Amy.  And that is what her blog is all about, too.  It will at once make you feel inspired and ready to chase your dreams, while also affirming your approach to life (whatever that may be).  She's a star.  Thank you so much for being a part of this!  xx - m.m.

Hi! It's Amy from Green Eggs and Hamm.  The ever so fashionable Smmidge asked me to guest post...I have to was a bit of pressure, I mean she is always put together...and well...I am most certainly not.  I tried to put my best foot forward!

Here are the questions:
[smmidge] 1) Describe your blogging style.
[GEH] me!  I blog about the things I love and love to do.  I am a crafter, thrifter, foodie, and mom.  My blogging style is like the way I listen to music (a bit all over the place) day I will be blasting gansta rap...the next metal...followed by a little folk. 

[smmidge]2) Your personal style? And one favorite piece (each) in your home and wardrobe that reflects your style.
[GEH]This was the hardest, I couldn't follow the rules with just one!  My style is very 80s right now.  I promised myself a long time ago that the 80s were so awful they would never come in back in style.  Well, guess what?  Never say never.  One day I could look like Laura Ingalls, the next I will be channeling Veronica Cornerstone's 70's style in Anchorman.  On the weekends I am more of a leggings and tshirt kind of girl.  While I love to get dressed up and do my hair and the can generally find me with my hair in a bun, glasses on, and no makeup.  This is the reason I find it so difficult to do outfit posts!
Thrifted dress. 
It has a big red bow at the neck!
Thrifted mens shirt, tank from Nordstroms, and American Apparel high waist leggings.  My absolute favorite.  
Now on to my favorites:
My favorite boots.  I wear them with everything!  
I don't wear a ton of jewelry, but these are my staples; a black rubber and gold Adidas watch, a rosary from Poor Pitiful Pearl, big gold heart earrings, and a necklace with the letter A that I have had since I was a little girl.
From my home: 
 my favorite clock, it needs a new clock mechanism...but I really don't care at the moment!
 A thrifted needle point. 
 and a paint by numbers from the 50's.  I love doing paint by numbers.

[smmidge]3) What keeps you inspired both on the blog and in life?
[GEH]My inner artist inspires me on the blog.  It's where I get to purge what's going on in my head.  I'm one of those people that find it hard to stop...or slow down.  My mind is constantly going.  I have notebook after notebook of ideas, sketches, and to-do's.  Before Pinterest I would tear out ideas from magazines and file them in my notebooks for future projects.  
I think I have been in a little bit of denial that I have a day job.  It's like I know deep down that some day I will be living my dream job...even if it's when my kids are in college...I am saving up for that day...I am planning for that day subconsiously all. the. time. 
In life, my kids inspire me.  Kids are natural artists.  They dress how they want, they draw how they want, they dance with abandon...and they make no excuses for what they do.  They have all the confidence in the word.   I don't want to see them getting into a career or job they hate.  I want them to be happy and enjoy there worklife.  If you love your job you will  truly never work a day in your life.  I don't love my job and I think that's the biggest motivator.
My son woke up like this one morning.  He went to bed clean.  Apparently sometime during the night he  wanted to do auuts and cwafts.  He was about 3 here.

Other bloggers probably inspire me the most.  I love eye candy, I am a people watcher and have always found the beauty in things.  

[smmidge]4) Your 3 favorite songs to listen to while blogging.
[GEH] I rarely listen to music while blogging.  It's usually cartoons!  But I am really into alternative at the moment.  Which is weird for me because I grew up with rap and some metal on the side.  I love to it has to have a beat so I can shake it...or "wiggle yo body" like my daughter says.

[smmidge]5) Last book you read and loved.
[GEH] Hunger Games.  I was addicted.  And no, I haven't seen the movie...yet.
[smmidge] 6) Your top three favorite blogs.  
[GEH] 3?  Seriously Molly?  hmmm.  this is so tough and it changes weekly.  Of course Smmidge is one.  I mean really!
I already went over my number and I haven't even began.

Anyways, thanks so much Molly for having me is da bomb...and I adore YOUR style!  If you feel so inclined, come check out greeneggsnhamm to keep up with our shenanigans.


  1. Thank you Molly! I smiled reading your intro. Truly made a girls day! Thank you for that!

  2. Great interview! I love Amy's take on things and her style. And "auuts and cwafts" - awww!! seriously!!

  3. I love me some Amy!!! She may be giving herself a hard time about the t shirt, bun, and no makeup but she's the only girl I know who can rock it! Always a beauty :)


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