Monday, April 2, 2012

smmidge Style: Print Mixing/Granny Chic/Colorful Tresses

Is this me in 40 yrs? I felt like I was channeling a little old lady with this outfit.  From the knee length skirt to the cardigan to the polite pumps, I felt a little like June Cleaver.  I was kind of digging it, though.   I mean June may or may not pair these prints, and have purple hair, but whatev, this is my prim and proper.  Nothing new in this look, as I'm always shopping my closet this time of year before we are full on into Spring.  Piecing together some of my favorite things is often how I put my outfits together. . .  that is how one might end up with this random mix of things . . . my motto is everything goes if it's what you like.  Including colorful hair.  Why not?  Go for it.  That's also how I ended up with purple tips in my hair a few weeks ago.  It's gone now for the most part, but it was fun. 

The details: skirt is Charlotte Taylor from Antho last fall; chain necklace is really a vintage belt (for a tiny girl?) I found a one of my fave local vintage shops, Dolly Python; plaid shirt is old Fossil; blue cardigan is J Crew.  The pumps are actually recent.  I bought them in a jam and never thought I'd get much good out of of them, but these little Steve Madden camel heels are the best.  So comfortable, and work with everything.  Mix it up, and have fun.  Life's too short to not have a granny moment every now and then.  xx - m.m.
This shot makes me giggle.
Doss wanted in on the action but only with his yogurt.

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