Friday, March 30, 2012

Ben's Reads

Locavesting by Amy Cortese

I've mentioned that Ben devours books.  He loves to read and usually has about 3 books going at once.  One is always our nighttime read.  The one that we (meaning he) reads at night before we go to sleep.  When we were dating we heard that this is a good habit for a long lasting relationship, and we have been reading books together ever since and still hanging in there almost 7 yrs later. :)  Kind of cheesy, yes.  But I have to admit it's one of my favorite parts of the day.  Ben's interests are wide-ranging, from his work in economic development to humorists, to historical biographies, to Buddhist philosophies, he covers alot of ground. Here is his current list of favorites.  I can only speak to Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs, and our new nighttime read that is blowing our minds, Stephen King's 11/22/63.  It is fantastic.  (BTW, I can also recommend Isaacson's Einstein as well - amazing).  Enjoy.  xx - m.m.
The 50 Funniest American Writers
The Company Town
Stephen King's 11/22/63
Steve Jobs

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